The Path of the WarriorSage Community Dojo Gatherings Launch

Full recording of our first Gathering and Launch of the Path of the WarriorSage Dojo.

What the Path of the WarriorSage Dojos are and How to Join

This Dojo is our offering to the community and will be lead by a team of WarriorSages who all are steeped in the WarriorSage Philosophy and have been extensively trained by Satyen Raja.

We will focus on cultivating our deepest capacities to become the best leaders we can be, for ourselves and for families, friends and society as a whole.

We are being called now to be our very best selves by raising our power, our heart, our freedom, our flow and our wisdom. We will rally to Arise Together as we study ancient wisdoms and various other teachings including money mastery, relationship and more together.

If you know you are ready for something bigger and feel the call for us to come together to grow and evolve ourselves and elevate others we touch, then this Path of the WarriorSage Leadership Dojo is for you.

The Path of the WarriorSage Dojo gatherings will be bi-monthly, building deep bonds, sharing insights and implementing tips. Claim what you want for yourself. Achieve goals quicker, more easily, and with more fun.

Invite your friends, family and people you want to grow with; include them in making the difference you’ve always wanted to make.

These community gatherings will be held on Zoom.

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